“Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.”

| Dostoyevsky

This blog was created high above American soil in August 2014 while on a flight back home to NYC. The first essay, “SEAT 7D | ROW 1,” was written on my cell phone as a way to distract myself from general flight anxiety. I published the article on each social media platform of mine, and people seemed to identify with how I felt.

I share my fears, anxieties, and confusion with you because I no longer want to hide. I realize that many issues I wish to discuss are “taboo” and many would rather disguise these feelings instead of discussing them. I hope to show that there is no weakness in admitting and confronting one’s shortcomings, there is a strength! My struggle and experience are well-documented within.

Though the ideas and style of my essays have matured, the core beliefs, all learned and borrowed knowledge, remains virtually unchanged. The more I create and write the further I trudge into my insecurities, my private life. I write candidly, honestly, and hopefully in a way that flows well and is easy for the reader to grasp. My work and understanding must be thorough or else I lose balance in life. I write to exercise my mind; I am fascinated by the human mind and motivated by an intense compassion and concern for others.

I have accepted that this life is a challenge, it is difficult, and there are no maps. I have accepted that most of this world is beyond my comprehension and, even more, is out of my control. Through my essays, I will continue to illustrate and investigate methods of relinquishing the human will, freeing me from self-will, and releasing the desire for control & power.  I will continue to share personal stories so that others may relate, as well as pursuing more intellectual discussions.

Be well,

Rhett Burch


3 thoughts on “

  1. So glad I found your sight… At 55 I am an alcoholic in recovery. I have also had to deal with Acute Depression. Reading your words are like listening to my thoughts.


    1. Marty, I am equally glad that you find my site useful. I do this so we can find strength in relating to one another – recovery is so much more difficult when you feel that nobody else understands. I hope you continue to find my work useful and if you ever have suggestions or topics that you’d like me to address please don’t hesitate to email me. Thank you Marty, your words made my day!

      Rhett Burch


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